Friday, June 3, 2011

Stretching Your Skills.....

How do you begin?  You might get started with a photo that just begs to be made into a quilt.  It may be the colors that inspire you or possibly the shapes.  The point of stretching your skills is not only to learn & improve but, to keep your quilt making exciting.  This photo of pansies was the inspiration photo for the drawing that follows.
I decided to make these pansies with mainly white since I had already made a quilt of purple pansies.  So now for the drawing.
I've colored in the drawing to see if it comes to life a bit before the fabric.

The other idea was to use the fabric in my stash....oops!  I meant to say fabric collection. Saying fabric collection sounds a little better.  Because I didn't have the above colors exactly, I used other colors that worked out nicely.  Some of the shading is done with fabric & the flower's centers have a small amount of purple & yellow paint where needed to help blend the colors.   Quilt size: 36"w x 41 & 1/2" l.

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