Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Houston Inter'l Quilt Show 2012

Today is a dreary cloudy day.  However, that shouldn't stop anyone from finding inspiration.  Sometimes just admiring other artists work is inspiration enough to get us motivated.  

Below are a few photos of original designs by artists work exhibited at the Houston International Quilt Show 2012.  

Below is a quilt titled, "Hidden Treasures" by David Taylor (hand appliqued & inspired by Sandy Corbin's photo).  Isn't it beautiful?

Next quilt is, "Natsumi On Her Bike", by Hiroko Miyama (her inspiration was her beautiful granddaughter).  Hand applique & many, many dimensional small flowers.  Beautiful work of art in person.  

Next is, "Little Girl & Dog", also by Hiroko Miyama.  Again, her granddaughter was the inspiration for this beautiful piece.  

Next is, "White-Throated Sparrow", by Barbara McKie (image transferred to fabric then, thread painting & applique).

Next is, "Heidi's Schlowers", by Andrea Brokenshire (handpainted silk applique fused to confetti background).

Next is, "Synergy"by Nancy Sterett Martin & Karen Sisteck (hand painted on silk).

My pictures do not do these beautiful art pieces justice.  This is why it is such a special event to attend in person, if you're able to do so.   I'll post more later when I have a little extra time.  

I'm currently working on my own original  but not yet ready to post anything just yet.   In the meantime, I hope you found the above photos inspiring.   

I'd love to hear your comments...

Until next time...

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