Monday, April 2, 2012

Roses & Bird Applique

Finding The Time.....

Lately, everything else seems to take priority over the applique that I would like to accomplish.  My husband recently thought we should spring clean out our garage.  I couldn't refuse because it had to get done.

When I want to sit & sew but can't I do the next best thing.  That is to open my sketch book & make a note or scribble down an idea that I would like to tackle someday.  Since you never know when inspiration will strike you, it's important to have my camera with me.

During a recent walk with my husband I'm pretty sure I spotted what resembled several Cedar Waxwing birds.  That's my husband in the photo below, waiting patiently for me to take my photo of these very pretty birds.

In person I could see a lot of yellow around the belly of this bird & a little bit of red too.   As soon as I tried to get close enough to take a photo, the birds would fly away.  This one bird was a bit of a ham & stayed on this branch long enough for me to take the photo.

So I took this bit of inspiration & doodled the drawing below for a future quilting design/applique.

From this doodle, I came up with a drawing for the following applique design.  The bird in the drawing below isn't a Cedar Waxwing but, a bird whose colors would work best with the colors in my roses & background fabric.

I started this hand applique & I think this is going to be a table runner.  I've gotten as far as the photo below.    It's a bit of a challenge because the applique shapes are small.  I just have to keep reminding myself to focus on going slowly instead of hurrying to the finish line.  

I'll post the progress I've made in a couple of weeks or so.  

Until next time.......keep stitch at a time.

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