Friday, September 7, 2012

Vintage Inspired...

What is vintage versus antique?

Antique would be a sought after item that is one hundred years or older.  Vintage is not old enough to be an antique and not new enough to be modern.  At least this is what I comprehend about vintage.  Vintage is in!

During my recent "shopping for inspiration" trip, I stumbled upon some unexpected items...

A Sunbonnet Sue quilt, tattered & faded.  

My grandmother made numerous sunbonnet sue quilts as gifts for family members & close friends.  When she asked me if I wanted one, I told her that I really wanted a lone star quilt.  I was around 19 or so & didn't know any better.  I wish I had asked her to also make a sunbonnet sue for me.  Seeing sunbonnet sue quilts brings a smile to my face because they remind me of my grandmother.  She shared the same passion for quilt making as I do.  I received my gorgeous lone star quilt as a wedding gift from my grandmother.  I'll post the quilts I inherited from her on a different day.  I'm very lucky & happy to have my grandmother's quilts & care for them like expensive jewels.

What a thrill to stumble upon this next sunbonnet sue quilt that made my eyes widen like a kid on Christmas morning.  

Below is the lower half of this sunbonnet sue quilt.  This quilt reached out & gave me a great big hug so, it came home with me.  I love it!  

Next, I found this quilt but, I only took this picture of the block because there was another shopper interested in purchasing this quilt.    I think this pattern is called, "Hands All Around".  I love the colors!

This next quilt top pattern is known as, "Grandmother's Fan".  

This next quilt is a simple tulip appliqued block that is in the typical red & green colors used during it's time.  

This beautiful quilt is a, "Grandmother's Flower Garden".  

Some day I will make a grandmother's flower garden quilt.  I love them.  

Here is a photo of the stunning quilt my friend Jeanne made.  Jeanne, by the way, is meticulous with her quilts.  All her quilts are gorgeous!

I hope that this inspires you in some way.  You might not be interested in reproducing antique quilt patterns but, seeing finished quilts might be just what you need to motivate you to finish those quilt tops. 

This weekend, try to carve out a little time for happy hour in your sewing area.

Enjoy your weekend!

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