Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More Vintage Quilts...

The picture below is based on an vintage quilt pattern of butterflies that probably came from a magazine.  I wish I knew which one but, I'm only guessing it was a mail order magazine.  This quilt was a wedding gift from my parents-in-law, 25 years ago.  My mother-in-law bought it from a neighbor who would make quilts to sell for extra income.  Both my parents-in-law & the neighbor who made this quilt, lived out in the country.  The only available patterns to them were from mail order patterns.

Closer look at one of the blocks...

Only guessing that some of these fabrics were from flour sacks, dresses, & calico.  These blocks were made sometime during mid to late 1980's.  To me the 80's seem like they were just yesterday but, I guess that tells you what era I'm from.

Below is another quilt that we received as a wedding gift from a friend of the family.  Her name is Amparo & she is now in her 90's.

Tia Amparito, (we used to call our elders Aunt or Uncle to show respect), gave me this quilt right before we got married.  I remember her telling me that this wasn't a real quilt.  She had used "cheater fabric" (preprinted fabric).  She also said that she would have appliqued a block if she had planned ahead of time.  I told her that I appreciated her taking the time to make this hand quilted lovely quilt, which means a lot to me.  It is made with fat batting & I love it because it is soft & warm to use. 

Border panel below...

Stay tuned, more vintage quilts in a couple of days or so.

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