Thursday, September 13, 2012

Vintage Inspired...

Finally have a moment to post pictures of the quilts my grandmother gave to me.  All these quilts are hand pieced & hand quilted.

This lone star quilt is 25 years old.  My husband & I celebrated our anniversary this month & this quilt was our wedding gift from her.  Isn't it gorgeous?  Of course, I think so.

This next quilt is called dresden plate made in yellow & brown calicos.  I remember her being anxious to finish with this quilt because she was tired of looking at it.  When she laid the blocks out, she was disappointed that she had to add two more half dresden blocks.  Like quilters of today, she would also reach that point where she didn't feel like working on a quilt.  This one was a UFO for a while.

This next quilt started out to be larger lone stars but, she decided to make a variety of small lone star blocks.  She also loved to add ruffles to her some of her quilts.  I happen to love the ruffles.

This last quilt is also made up of diamonds.  By this time, she had made several lone star quilts for family & friends & she was tired of working on a lone star.  So she must have found a pattern she liked & used the left over fabric for diamonds in this pattern.   I feel honored that this was one of her last quilts during her early 80's & she told my mother to make sure that I received it.  When I  use this quilt, I feel my grandmother's love & I get a great big lump in my throat all at the same time.   

It is so important to record the stories & histories of our quilts.  My grandmother worked very hard as a housekeeper for a local family for many years.  She helped to raise the children that were born in this family as well.  Each day after work she would go home & cook for her own family & then wash all the dishes & put them away by hand(no dishwasher).  She would then go outside & sit on the swing in the front yard to cool off & unwind.  

Here's a picture of the swing but, my grandmother didn't like having her picture taken.  So this is my Mom & Dad during February-1957 while they were courting.  I love this picture.

On most evenings, my grandmother would go through this routine & then go back indoors to work on her hand piecing a little bit at a time until it was time to go to bed.  Like today's quilter, she wished she had more time to quilt.     

She made her last quilt in her early 80's.  She passed away at the age of 88 years of age.  She was a great influence on me in many ways.  Through quilting, I feel that I keep in touch with her in some way.  When I was eleven years old,  she took me aside and said that if I was to grow up to be a proper lady, I would need to learn to use a needle & thread.   After this she had me sewing on her black singer sewing machine in no time.  I was hooked & the rest is history.

I'll have more vintage quilts to show on a different day.  Thanks for stopping by & visiting.  

I hope you enjoyed it!

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