Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First Selvage Quilt

It's so exciting to have made my first selvage quilt!  Over the holidays, I didn't do any sewing so I came back very motivated to make a selvage quilt.  Inspired by Karen Griska's book, "Quilts From The Selvage Edge" I began my quilt.  I haven't made a quilt where I stayed with it from beginning to end in a long time.  It seemed as if I sewed & sewed & sewed selvage after selvage after selvage. 

As I sewed the selvages together, I found that I was running out of printed selvage edges.  What to do?  I didn't want to go out & buy more fabric to complete my quilt so, I decided to use fabric markers to write & doodle something on the white space of the selvages.  When I ran out of selvage edges, I made up some  faux selvage edges by sewing narrow strips of white fabric to a print fabric.  When I'm motivated to sew, I don't like taking time to go out to shop for additional fabric.  So I got creative.  I figured that I would use up more scraps in this way.   Before sewing all the squares together, I did heat set the blocks that I wrote on to minimize fading when laundering the quilt.

Over the last few weeks, after several breaks from sewing, I came up with a layout for my selvage quilt.  I've always loved the colors in the color wheel for a quilt & this is the look  I wound up with.  The side borders are sewn in the same way as the center blocks.  For more details as to how to sew this type of quilt, I recommend Karen Griska's book, "Quilt's From The Selvage Edge".  She has written the book in a way that you can create your own design or follow one of the quilt designs in her book.  Making this quilt was so much fun & very liberating.  Thank you Karen Griska!!!!!

As you can probably see, I've only completed the quilt top.  I still need to sandwhich this quilt & quilt it.  For now, I'm taking a break.   This quilt size is 77"w x 89" l. 

Be sure to visit Karen Griska's blog at for more selvage quilts & other inspiring quilts.

Have a great day everyone!   

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