Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blooming Flowers In February?

I can't believe my pansies are still blooming.  This warm temperature is wonderful. 

I even got outdoors today for a nice long walk around the neighborhood.  I'm currently working on a quilt design of  pansies & came to an artistic road block.  The sun was out so I figured a change of scenery would be just what I needed to help me.  After getting back from the walk, I decided to write & post a picture or two.  I'll post  a picture of the quilt of pansies after I organize it a little better.  Instead I'll post pictures of floral quilts from last year's 2011 Houston quilt show. 

The beautiful quilt below is called Roses-Sun and Shadow & was made by B. Lynn Tubbe.  I believe her card stated that the applique is fused-raw edge & these cascading roses are from a garden in California.  In person, this quilt was stunning to look at.  B. Lynn has carefully captured the shadow cast by these roses.  So beautiful! 

This next gorgeous quilt is called Social Climber Roses by Melinda Bula.  Melinda skillfully captures all of the values in these roses so that they appear real.  You can almost reach out & smell their fragrance.  In fact, all of Melinda's beautiful art quilts have this look. 

If I'm not mistaken, Melinda is scheduled to lecture at the Mckinney Quilt Guild in May.  If you are interested in attending her lecture, got to the Mckinney Quilt Guild website for more information.  I can hardly wait to see her beautiful work, in person. 

Speaking of work...... I need to get back to work.  Have a great day!

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