Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Purple Value Study

This week I've continued with studying values.  When studying the values in fabric, it helps to have a reference tool that is small.  Like the one below created by Joen Wolfrom called, "3-in-1 Color Tool".    The greatest invention right up there with the rotary cutter. 

This is a great color guide to take with you to your local fabric store, or to your fabric stash, when studying the values in the whatever project you're trying to work with.  This color guide fans open so you may easily select the colors that you see before you.  For example, from the Purple, Red-Violet, & Violet cards I pulled every value of purple obvious to me from my reference photo of the pansy below.

Below are the fabrics I used from my stash.  I didn't want to go buy more fabric.  I had to either work from my present fabric stash or use textile paints.  My challenge for myself was to only use fabrics & no paints.

I traced my shapes based on my pansy photo above on to fusible web using Pellon 805 Wonder Under.  I began to fuse my shapes into place beginning with the foundation petals of the flower.

Fast forwarding to almost finished.....

It's not yet quilted but, I wanted to post my progress.  At this point, I usually take a break from it just to make sure I'm happy with the values in place.  The colors are not exactly like the photo because I didn't have those exact colors in the right values.  So I used a different color/value so that I could work with the fabrics in my stash.   After this week, I may break down & go shopping for the values I need to make the purples look exactly like the purple in the photo. 

Using the 3-in1 Color Tool was very helpful.  Especially since I didn't have the exact purples like in the photo.  If you don't know how to use the color guide just simply follow the direction written on the back.  You can find this color tool at most local quilt shops. 

I hear the garage door opening so this means my husband is home.  Time for dinner.  I'll continue this color study next week. 

Happy Quilting.........


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