Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Value In Color of Fabrics

Didn't think I would be able to post this week but, fortunately here is a look into the value in the color of fabrics for this week.   I needed to step away from the subject of pansies/flowers so, I decided to look at a completely different color & subject for this week. 

Below is a quilt that was exhibited at the Houston Intern'l Quilt Show-2011 by Carol Fletcher of Washington.  It is called, "It's Risky Being A Beer Drinking Mantis".   This is an original design inspired by Carol's friend's empty beer glass.  Techniques used to make this quilt was hand beading, soft edge applique, free motion quilting, & hand dyed fabrics.  Notice Carol's careful use of lights & darks to create the illusion of an empty glass with beer foam.  

Pretty cool quilt, don't you think?

I'll post again in another couple of weeks or so.    I'm finding that I need to take some time to unplug from the computer and get back to basics.  That is, basically spending some time in my sewing studio to sketch, sew, and/or quilt.  

Try to carve out some time for happy hour in your sewing room.......

No alcoholic beverages please.  Otherwise, you may wind up with some unintentional hand-dyed fabrics.

Until next time....


  1. Thank you Jane. It is fun to see my quilt being used as a lesson example. (especially for something positive! :) I appreciate your accurate description of the inspiration for the quilt and the credit given.

    Carol Fletcher

    1. You're very welcome Carol! I loved your beautiful quilt when I saw it at the show. Your website showcases your art quilts so wonderfully that it has inspired me to get busy with my own quilts. Thank you for taking time to leave a comment & for visiting my blog. Jane ;)