Thursday, February 16, 2012

February-From Garden to Quilting....

A multi-pack variety of pansies.  These are the only flowers that seem to tolerate the change in temperatures we're currently having.   In any case, they are a great source of inspiration for quilting. 

The multi-pack has a nice mix of purples...

The reds likes the attention...

Magenta blooms in pairs.

Blue-ish purples....

The orange color is not always this soft.  It must have been my camera?  Pretty color no less.  Because we have artistic license,  we can always bump up the colors. 

Bright lemon yellow, the color of energy.

All these pansies inspired me to work on a study of all the different values in these flowers.   So a new quilt is born.

The six squares in the center are the 8-1/2" blocks that I decided to work on.  The three squares on each side are 8 x 10 photo printouts of  the pansies I decided to do the value study.    So I went to my stash & began pulling fabrics.  As you can see, I still have some work to do on some of the flowers.  I'll either have to go shopping for the right values or I'll have to resort to mixing fabric/textile paints to achieve the right value I'm looking for.    I'm aiming to have this quilt close to being finished next week.  I'm still trying to decide on whether to sew the six center blocks together or keep them separate.   Stayed tuned, I'll will post my progress by no later than next Thursday.    

Have a great quilting week everyone! 

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