Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baby's Firsts.....

Last weekend, I spoke to my niece & she mentioned that she & her Mom are planning a first birthday party for my grand niece, Sadie (the cutie in the photo below).   Shortly after she was born, her grandmother lovingly began to call her Sadie bug, notice the lady bug dress & red bow.  

During this phone conversation, I also found out that the theme of her first birthday will  be cute bugs.    Of course, I have to make her a quilt for her first birthday.  She already has a quilt from me but not one to commemorate her first birthday.  

I went to my stash of fabrics & the only bug fabric I found was a six inch square below.  This won't work because this fabric looks like a little boy's fabric.

I've searched fabric stores & haven't found bug fabrics, that I like, for a one year old baby girl.  So I had to come up with another solution.  I started to draw & finally decided on the idea below, trying to keep it simple.

Here's the basic layout....

Caricature of Sadie.  Keeping the shapes simple so that the quilt will be used & loved.

Sadie's caricature in fabric below.

A cute butterfly to keep with the bug theme.  I'm sure a butterfly isn't considered a bug but, it's cute so, it's going to be on this quilt.  This butterfly still needs to have some detail stitched on to it to bring it to life.

Now to machine stitch all the applique.  I have to unplug from my computer for a few days so that I can finish this quilt relatively quickly.  I need to get it into the mail by next week.   So why did I wait to the last minute?  Because I was busy on other things & then I realized we were already in the month of June.  Time flies when you're busy.

I'll post my progress in the next two to three days or so.  

Stayed tuned......

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