Thursday, July 19, 2012

Model Search????

Searching for a new model to pose for my next art quilt.....
Hello Miss Coneflower.
So sorry but we're looking for a little more color.  You should really try to get some sun. It will do you good.  

Next please......

Good afternoon Miss Lavender.  
You're very pretty but, we're looking for someone who has more petals.   Have a good day!

Next please......

Hi Miss Zinnia.  
You have lovely petals & good color but, we need for you to make good eye contact.  Thank you for stopping by.

Next please......

Where's my assistant? 
 Lovely Vincas, today is not the day we interview grouped flowers.  You need to come back tomorrow. 

Next please......

Assistant:  "Those are all the floral interviews we had scheduled for today."

Artist:  "Really?  Good.  Let's just call it a day."

Assistant:  "Are you okay?"

Artist:  "Yes, thank you for asking.  I've been quilting a  flower quilt design today & I'm feeling a bit loopy."  

Assistant:  "You should get some rest.  You'll be able to have something to post to this blog soon enough."

Artist:  "Have a good evening Miss Assistant & I'll see you tomorrow."

Somedays I spend a little too much time on my own(written with a sense of humor).

Until next time!

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