Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween...

Below are some Halloween quilts that I've taken photos of while at two different quilt shows.

This first quilt was at the International Houston Quilt show 2011.  It is an original called, "Witches Brew" by Cathy Wiggins of North Carolina.  This picture does not do it justice.  It is a spectacular quilt with quite a bit of detail.  I wasn't able to take a complete picture because there were a lot of people wanting to view this quilt so I had to hurry.  

This next photo is of the right side of the quilt.  It shows the recipe for the witches wrinkle lotion.  The placard stated that the quilt maker spent over 250 hours of hand embroidery on this recipe part alone.  The entire design, from start to finish is that of the quilt maker.  In person, this quilt was magical to look at.  Congratulations to Cathy Wiggins for such fabulous work.  Thank you for sharing your work for all of us to enjoy.

This next quilt was at the Plano Quilt Show 2012.  It is called, "Baltimore Halloween".  The placard didn't indicate this but, I seem to recognize this pattern as being a Pearl P. Pereira pattern from P3 Designs, if I'm not mistaken.  The card did state that the border was the quilt maker's own design.  This beautiful quilt was appliqued by Dolores Williams-Texas & quilted by Jackie Brown.    I think that most, if not all, of P3 Designs are Baltimore inspired patterns.  The patterns are so gorgeous that you just want to buy them all.  If you're interested, visit for her wonderful patterns.

Close up of center.

Wish I had the time to also make Halloween quilts.  In the interest of time(and giving my fingers & wrists a good rest) I'll have to stick to Christmas & Spring & Summer quilt themes.  

I recently heard the news broadcast that Halloween is the second biggest holiday, in terms of dollars, next to Christmas. 

Happy & Safe Halloween to everyone!

until next time...

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  1. Fun quilts. I keep thinking I would like to make a Halloween quilt....they are fun...but then I remember that I just don't like the holiday.