Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Delphiniums As Inspiration....

So exciting to be finishing up another floral garden art piece!

I'm in the process of sewing on the binding so that I can post the results in my Floral Gallery.....

For today, I'll begin with what started out as an idea.....I wanted to create a cottage garden of delphiniums but, knew the drawing would take some work, much like growing & caring for real delphiniums.   My process to create the drawn garden took time but in the end, it was worth taking the time & I'm happy with my results.  

Below is my 3" w x 5" l small sketch that I started in April-2012.  A quick drawing of delphiniums from memory. Nothing impressive but, simply an idea to build upon.

This small sketch became a 40" wide by 49" length quilted wall piece.  I didn't plan it to be this large but, I wanted to hang a garden piece in my home.  I quickly realized it would have to be somewhat large for it to make an impact for where I wanted it to hang.  I'll post more about how this small sketch grew in the next few days. 

Stay tuned to see the process of how this garden grew from a small sketch...

Have a wonderful day! 

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