Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Getting Inspired...

It can be difficult to find inspiration after putting in a long day at work, isn't it?

This past weekend, I tried to make some progress on sewing a knit top that I could wear to work but, I only got as far as cutting out the paper patterns.  Then I just lost steam.

I find that I get inspired to create something and then I go into my sewing studio & the area isn't very inviting.   Basically not organized.  This is when I just have to clean things up & straighten those books on the shelves.

Still need to organize my threads.

I finally put up my design wall & placed my unfinished yellow tiger swallowtail butterfly that I've been wanting to complete.

Here is what my drawing looks like.  

My original photo from my backyard.

Below is the fabric version that's up on my design wall.

Closeup snap shot of butterfly in fabric.  Still needs a lot of work.  Right now it's only one layer of fabric & it needs more depth.

This is all the progress I've made.  Tomorrow is another day & I'll do a little bit more then.

Until next time.....

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