Thursday, July 14, 2011

From Tuscany to Texas Hill Country

This photo was taken during the spring when my husband & I traveled to the hill country here in Texas. Since I haven't lived in Texas for years, I was pleasantly surprised to find red poppies blooming in the hill country.


This red poppy quilt was made a few years ago, inspired by a trip to Italy.

Earlier this year I decided that this flower need more depth & highlights & shading.  It was already quilted & if I ruined it by fusing on top of it, I would not be too concerned.  I'd take this as a learning experience & make another poppy quilt if I needed to.  I fused more fabric to it & quilted these pieces down.  It worked out just fine. 

Sometimes you simply have to live with a quilt for a while before you develop of sense of how it should be completed.  This happens thru developing your skills & wanting to challenge yourself to improve your techniques.  It's exciting when this happens.  I recently did a demo for one of my minigroups with a much smaller poppy by demonstrating how to take a drawing......

   and creating a thread painted image.........

This little 5" x 7" image is nothing more than a white muslin fabric, spray starched several times to avoid hooping, & then simply thread painting.  Thread painting is simply filling in the shape with several shades of thread.  It's a lot of fun to do.  This little piece is not quilted & I haven't decided if I will quilt it.  I may just mount on painted canvas. 

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