Monday, July 18, 2011

Standing Tall

These are delphiniums that I had in my Georgia garden.  They do not like the heat & you have to really nurture these flowers.  They are actually high maintenance.....sort of like Divas of a Garden.  Actually quite worth the trouble because of the beauty that they bring to a garden.  They bring height & almost purple blue color that not many flowers have. 

Sometime before I got to plant these flowers, I made a sketch of delphiniums & the following 26"wide x 23" length wall hanging was born.  This way I could have them to look at during anytime of the year.  I'm planning on making this one into a pattern but, I need to make some of the shapes a little larger so it's easier for handling. 

Below are some closeups of very small butterflies & the quilting.  All inspired by the garden.

Wish I could just magically snap my fingers & create one but, like all other quilting it takes time......

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