Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Let's Take A Stroll...

Two weeks have already zoomed by since my last blog post?  I suppose it's gone by quickly because I'm very focused on a new project that I'm not quite ready to show just yet.   Instead come with me for a little stroll along the inspiration path.  

First, I have to mention that there is a new baby! 

Yes...the large rabbit I've been blogging about must have had this baby.  The rabbit family keep to themselves but, have been eating my zinnias.  Lucky for me the more you cut zinnias, the more they bloom.  Zinnias are blooming very rapidly & they are heat tolerant.  

I can't seem to keep up with cutting the zinnias down.  It's a nice problem to have & I'm happy that we'll be enjoying fresh cut flowers for a good while.  My husband & I are enjoying seeing the fresh blooms outside our windows.  I'm also allowing some of the flowers to dry so that I can save the seeds for the following year. 

This got me thinking......

Only dreaming of having a flower market...(must have a/c so, I guess this would mean a flower shoppe instead of a market).

How about a closeup?

I see a still life in my future...

Stay tuned for the unveiling of my next art quilt...

Thanks for stopping in & taking a stroll with me along the inspiration path!

Have a great day!

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