Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Zinnia Art Quilt...

Inspiration for a new design can result from just about anywhere.     For me it usually comes from gardens.  Fortunately, I have a lot of models just waiting to pose for my next art quilt....

So I cut a few zinnias & quickly get them into a vase with water. Zinnias make good cutting flowers.  If you change the water daily they will last a long time.

Now for some fabric.....I pull every color of fabric that I see in my flowers & hope I don't have to go out shopping for more fabric.  Once I have the idea of what I want to make, I want to get started & don't want to hunt down fabric in store after store. 

Guess what?  I had to go shopping.  I didn't have enough light golds or oranges.  After I came back from shopping, here is the range of values I worked with.

Then I set up a still life to photograph my models.  My models won't last in a still life until I finish my drawing, cut my fabric, get it into place, etc.  So I work from a photo that then becomes a black & white outlined drawing.  

Oops!  Blue background is wrinkled.  I don't like stopping to iron.....ggrrrrrr.    In spite of this, my models strike a pose in a very "Vogue" sort of way.

Here is the black & white drawing that will be my pattern.  What was I thinking?  As I number the petals in the flowers I discover that one flower has 98 petals & the other has 95 petals.  Do I really want to do this?  The effect will be lost if I don't work with all the petals.....

I've come this far & no turning back.  I must press on & fuse forward.  I simply need to adjust my attitude about finishing this quilt quickly.  So I repeat to myself, "Enjoy the process, enjoy the process."

Let the fusing begin....

I tried to make the fusing simple for myself.  I used an applique pressing sheet & fused all the petals in one flower together as one unit then, the second flower & finally the third flower.  This made the placement of each flower on my background a little easier.  

Thank goodness for this great product by Bear Thread Designs.  If you're interested in an applique pressing sheet go to their website:  www.bearthreaddesigns.com.  Their phone number is 281-462-0661.  

Fast forward to the quilted back side...

This is the flower that sits next to the vase.  The entire backside didn't show up well in the photo so I focused on this one flower.

Twenty days later I finished....whew!  See completed quilt in the floral gallery. 

Thank you for taking the time to stop by & visit with me today.   

Have a great day!

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