Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Inspirations

Below is Piece O' Cake (Linda Jenkins & Becky Goldsmith) Santa's Christmas village pattern that I made a few years ago while living in Mexico City.  While the original pattern was done in a dark navy blue scrappy background,  I made one with a neutral background & another with a navy background.   The one on the right in navy I donated to charity & the neutral quilt is still in my (slow) growing collection of Christmas quilts.  If you take a closer look, the yellow building block on the lower right hand corner is a Guatemalan Doll Shop. While shopping one day I came across some small Guatemalan dolls that were too cute to pass up.  The dolls give the quilt a dimensional & really cute look.  Some of the blocks are also done with preprinted fused fabrics. Remember that when using a basic pattern, you don't have to sew it exactly like your instructions are stated.  Have fun & be creative!  You'll enjoy making a pattern over & over again.  

If you're interested in the pattern, below is the book that you will find the pattern in. 

You can't just make one!  Especially if your family tree continues to grow like mine is.  Have a great day!

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