Sunday, May 27, 2012

Inspired by Garden Friends.....

I'm still behind on my applique.....sigh......such is the process of applique but worth it in the end.   Pictures of progress will be posted soon.  In the meantime, I'll show you my recent charity quilt made for my local quilt guild.  We were presented with the challenge of making a quilt that a teenager would love.  I wanted to use fabrics that I had in my stash so, my hunt for the right fabric my closet.  I couldn't decide which fabrics a teenager could love so, I put it off for another day or so.   My inspiration came from trimming bushes one morning.  This lady bug was so cute & was the inspiration for the quilt in the next photo.

I didn't think of it right away but, I remembered that I had a lot of red, black & white fabric.  Beginning with 3 1/2" strips (unfinished) I sewed the strips together.  I also threw in small chunks of red fabric to give it some color.  I varied the fabrics with no set number of strips in mind.  It was an easy visual way of making this quilt.  The only thing I kept in mind was that the quilt had to finish at 45"W x 65"L.  

This quilt was fun to make because I didn't have to read directions.  I just cut a few strips, place up on the design wall then sewed the strips together.  Sometimes it's so liberating to just sew fabric together.  It's mindless & yet you're creating a quilt that, hopefully, someone will love.  I wish I had taken photos of the other quilts that were made.  Our guild has some very creative & talented ladies who make beautiful quilts.  

So thank you to my garden friend, the lady bug......

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