Thursday, May 31, 2012

Roses & Bird Applique......

A little bit more progress with this blue bird (the opposite side of my table runner).

Below is how the other side of my table runner is coming along.  It's almost finished.  It has quite a bit of embroidery work.  

The next photo is the applique & embroidery work done in an area where a candlestick holder will be placed.

I haven't worked out what I'll do in the middle of the table runner just yet.  I'll just have to play it by ear & continue working on the opposite side by appliquing the blue bird.  I'll post progress soon again.

In the meantime........

I've been trying to deal with ways to keep a garden rabbit out of my flower beds.  It loves zinnias & roses, & pansies.  Caught in the act......

Cute....yes.....but I wish it would stick to lettuce & carrots.  It just looked at me & stood still as if staying still would make him/her invisible.  So I got closer.  

It still ignored me....

I got a little closer......notice his/her ready to run away pose...

I jumped after it & clapped & told it to go find vegetables!!! 

 I sounded like my doctor.

Gone!  That is until early this morning.  I found another rabbit, much smaller.  It was like Groundhog day all over again.

Home improvement I come.....I'll be looking for some type of chicken wire. 

Is it possible for chicken wire to look like a beautiful garden ornament?   We'll see what I can come up with.

Until next time.....keep stitching!

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