Friday, May 11, 2012

Side Projects - Dresses

My side projects are not always small quilting things or gardening but, making clothes.  In fact, I started sewing clothes way before I began quilting.  One day I went shopping for dresses & had the worst time because nothing fit correctly.  This is what has kept me sewing my own clothes over the years.

Below is a summer dress that I finished last week.  So exciting when the fitting part is over with.  Notice the collar is a hand dyed fabric & the rest of the dress is a challis.  Challis is a fabric that drapes beautifully & flows with your movements.   The buttons are covered with the same hand dyed fabric. This dress is from Style pattern #2440.   My husband likes it when I wear dresses so, I'll wear it this weekend when my husband is around.

So I then started another dress & then hit a road block.  Wait a minute,  I already have too many little black dresses.   This little black dress is a Vogue pattern #8648 & is made of a linen type fabric.  It looks lifeless to me & needs some type of decorative element that will bring it to life.  I'll have to play with some ideas of how to accomplish this.  I'll introduce a new fabric that will contrast yet, compliment the linen type fabric.  Fabric manipulation is the direction I'm going to take with the new fabric that I decide to use.  

Below is the stack of fabric sitting on my sewing room floor.  I need to refold it & get it up & off the floor.   I think this is what is blocking my creativity.  I can't seem to decide what to do with my little black dress.  It's time to clean up my space so I can get my creativity flowing.

It's a good thing to clean up your sewing area from time to time.  When you come back to your sewing projects, you're able to approach what your creating with great energy & can focus so much better.   

So whether you're sewing garments or quilting, taking breaks are a good thing.  

Keep stitching.....

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