Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another bouquet of roses.....

When we go shopping for fabric most quilters migrate towards the strong jewel tones.  These are the colors that call out to us.  We simply don't have enough lights or darks in our fabric collections.  I've made it a point to try and work with lighter colors with my quilts.  You need the lights & then the mediums & finally the darks to make your quilts sparkle.  I took both photos as inspiration for working with light fabrics for my bouquet of roses series.

The following quilt shows how using a careful blend of lights, mediums & darks can really make all colors sparkle very nicely.  Since this photo was taken I've finished the quilt & it is now a workshop class sample.
Even though I tend to prefer jewel tone fabrics, I do love how these light fabrics worked in this quilt.

For the next two days I'll be teaching this technique at a workshop locally at Minding My P's & Q's quilt shop.  This is a great quilt shop with beautiful fabrics & great class room.  The owner of the shop, Jill (a very nice lady), has created an inviting atmosphere in her shop. I will definitely be shopping there quite often.  As soon as I can I'll post a picture of the covered wagon that sits out in the front of the store.  You can't miss it with it's painted quilt on the canvas cover.  

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