Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Quilting For Your Borders

What do we really see?  If we're paying attention, the great outdoors is a plethora of quilting designs such as the following photo of a gold butterfly enjoying my hot pink zinnias.  For a quilting design, simply trace the outline of the butterfly image & zinnia & you have a quilting outline for your quilt borders.  So how do you connect each design?  This is where you implement a meandering design of your choice.  So how do you know which design to implement?  You simply have to just try a design.  Practice with pencil & paper first then move on to practice on a small quilt sandwhich if you're apprehensive about trying it.  The point is to just do it.  Get over the hurdle of, "I can't".   Try something out of the ordinary for yourself.  If you make a mistake, no one will know.  If one new skill doesn't work for you, simply move on to a different skill.  Imagine learning a new technique & enjoying the process.......

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