Monday, August 22, 2011

Bouquet of Roses

I wish I could grow rose bushes that I can take cuttings from to take indoors.  Since this summer's heat isn't cooperating, I've had to resort to either buying roses or sewing rose blocks to look like a bouquet.  Below is a picture of a red rose for inspiration.....

This rose was not the original inspiration for my pattern.  I developed a pattern a few years ago that would resemble the look of a real rose.  During August & September, I'll be teaching a workshop to my local guild, that will teach students how to create their own bouquet of roses using a specific technique to achieve the look of a blooming bouquet.  Below is a photo of the pattern that I will be teaching. 

It has been a lot of fun making this pattern in different color ways.  I designed this pattern as a way to teach students to stretch their creativity.   Like nature, bouquets can take on different looks depending on the placement of your flowers & leaves.  The only limitation to this bouquet is your imagination.   The following yellow roses quilt is a simpler bouquet with only leaves around the roses. 

I'll post more a little later.   

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