Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Multi-Color Bouquet

 A multi color bouquet of roses is a nice change from just having only one color.  My local grocery store will often mark down the bouquets that do not sell after a few days.  Lately, I have seen multi-colors in one bouquet.  From these bouquets, I separate the colors so that I can get at least three vases in different areas of the house.   I really like how the yellow roses have a little orange around the edges.

Here is another color way of the bouquet of roses series that I have made.  This is using the same basic pattern that I posted yesterday.  In this quilt, I've added preprinted flowers & other greenery.  Using a background fabric of leaves gives the appearance of this bouquet sitting outdoors on a table.   I also shaded the vase with a pale blue textile paint & shaded the table with a tan color to indicate a shadow.  It was fun to take this pattern & recreate it with a different color of roses, etc.  

I'll post another bouquet tomorrow.....

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